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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ring out the old, Ring in the new.... Drunk Driving, let's all eschew...

And so another eventful year comes to an end, with lots of memories we can get ready to usher in a New Year.
Around this time, everybody’s got their minds on their‘Grand Party Plans’ for 31st night. It’s also a time for people to think up their New Year resolutions.  These resolutions often range from simple to the exaggerated and sometimes downright absurd. For some it would be about pledging to lead a healthier life, few others might resolve to lose their virginity :-)
However the question on everyone’s mind undoubtedly would be ‘What awaits us in 2013?’ Since we survived December 21st 2012, what now for humanity eh??
I believe things will change, there is likely to be a collective shift in conscience. We as a country are so off-balance now, the recent agitations in Delhi, the Anna Hazare movements all point to a rise in common man’s concern regarding many of the ills that our society faces today. And when you compare all these happenings, with the so called 21st December 2012 predictions, it makes you wonder whether we human beings really need stuff like Doomsday. Every day we read and hear about things which make you wonder whether Armageddon is needed to end the world, or if left to us, elements of society will think of ways to destroy the world as we know it.
At a personal level, can we not pledge to help; bring about a little more balance to the society? Facts are unnecessary; we all know the number of lives road accidents claim every year. Many of these incidents are a result of drunk driving. Festivals and other Celebratory events often present the greatest risk of such incidents. It’s sad when you go through the newspapers on 2nd January and find plenty of incidents of drunk driving leading to accidents. Why should we as a society devise ways to take lives, when cosmic forces have their own plans lined up? There are plenty of dates predicted for the end of the world. One by one as these dates pass us by; you cannot help think that one of these may be real. In the meanwhile we can do our best to preserve life and let nature take its course.  Events like New Year’s Eve are for celebrations, to spread happiness and joy all around. Often for some, the day turns out to be the worst of their lives.The question here is not one of abstinence, but responsibility and respect. Respect for others and your own life. All it requires is a bit of trouble to ensure that the booze, frolic and the tragic do not go together.
As the saying goes “Drinking and driving: there may be stupider things, but it's a very short list.”

So, let’s pledge not to wreck the holidays. Here’s wishing everybody a happy and safe New Year. Cheers!!!

Author of the Post: Mr. Bipratip Chakraborthy (Executive - Human Resources Department, Kondwa, Pune)


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