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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sapling a Thought!

Dear iQuester

I find happiness in your happiness, and feel joyous in your joy
I celebrate your success with great zeal and always pray that you fly high

I strengthened our relationship, I gave you flowers
With a wish that you, always be ours

But I now realize, that the wish would die
When my flowers wither and the nature would cry

I now decide, I won’t let the wishes die
Neither will the flowers wither, nor would the nature cry

On your birthday, I now resolute
I will plant a life and let this thought root

Promise me, that you will nurture it with great care
As it will always be with you, when you have things to share!!!

(This thought of gifting a sapling on birthdays originated when we realized that the bouquets that were given were perishable and will not stay with our employees for a longer period of time. We always, wanted our employees to remember us in a form that they can associate themselves with. And this is what we ended up with. What could have been a best gift than a small shrub on their birthday! We initiated it in our head office and will implement it across all the branches of iQuest! I am sure the smile on a birthday will double after receiving life as a gift!)

Author of the Post: Suraj Pathak (Executive - Human Resources, iQuest Consultants)

Save your 'SKULL' Save your 'KAL'!!!

 “Wear Helmet, Drive Safe, Be Safe!!!”
If you've heard about “Motor cycling safety” 100 times from time to time, don't wonder why??? Coz it doesn't hurt repeating, but hurts a lot when a news comes about somebody's death or injury because of not wearing helmet. When we think about motorcycles we think about the feel of the rushing wind in our faces and our hair blowing back behind us. We think about looking cool as we speed down the road. What we don't think about is what happens to the human body when it is involved in a motorcycle collision with a car or a van. We don't think about the impact of the collision, the body being thrown clear and sliding along the road's surface until it stops on its own or until it encounters a fence or a telephone pole. So taking importance of helmets in to mind, I carried out a research in iQuest to find out that how may iQuesters have bikes and how many of them wear helmets & save themselves from those heartrending head injuries caused by the fatal accidents.

Helmet No. of iQuesters % age
With Helmet 26 31.46%
Without Helmet 85 68.54%
Total 121 100.00%
A great example has been shared as “My brother had a helmet but never used it. After 13 days of his marriage, once, while he was going out, I requested him to use helmet as I always use. Same day he met with a fatal accident and his right leg was crushed into pieces and his helmet was crushed into four pieces. By God’s blessings, I found my brother alive. Thanks to his helmet, due to helmet he got a second life. Till date, after 5yrs of that accident, he never forgets his helmet.” -- Nil Nayak, Associate Manager (Non IT)-Recruitement & Admin.

Your health and well-being is important to your families and close ones and I would certainly like each one of you to wear helmets at all times while riding your bikes and scooters.

I trust this would be taken in the spirit of social consciousness and personal safety & lets make a resolution for this new year to use helmets..... !!!
Author of the Post: Ms. Prafulla Char (Junior Technical Consultant, Kondwa Branch, Pune)
Research Jointly conducted by: Ms. Prafulla and Mr. Shrikant Patel (Technical Consultant, Kondwa Branch, Pune)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Transformation from Microsoft to Linux…

It was a regular fun filled Friday where one starts the day early, tries and winds up early evening so that one has an entire evening to socialize…Coming back to early winding up of work, sending reports, clicking send receive for the last time for the day hoping no more urgent mail pops up, also religiously addressing those mails so that there are no thoughts haunting over the weekends… by making sure everything has fallen in place I feel so excited to go to the bottom left extreme corner of the window which is a start button, but now to shut down my day's work. The happiness to bid everyone Bye & wishing everyone Happy Weekend is such Bliss, the exhausting week has finally come to an end a genuine smile reflects while waving off for the day. Little did I know what is in store…
I usually (if not traveling to Mumbai)catch up a new released film, have a quite dinner out with my husband , go back home, catch up some more interesting TV shows and crash on bed late night with a thought “Kal to Saturday hai, arram se uthenge”. The entire “Early to Bed Early to rise… phrase holds no meaning to me Friday night and coming two more days. These days really flies…
And I hereby get up the Monday morning thinking Gosh! A start of a long week ahead… and I start for office early. And to my dismay I reach to my work station just to find the message attached to the forehead of my Computer Screen “CAUTION: Before starting the comp, go and meet Sir along with Sanober"
(our Ops Head from the IT division). Thousand thoughts popped up Why, What did I do, How??? All my questions were left unanswered. And suddenly Swapnil (our System Admin in the Kondhwa Branch) clicks my mind, thinking he might solve the mystery. Quickly dial his extension & call him upstairs. And within few seconds I get the answer to all my uninvited Questions. It was a start of a new era within iQuest, Linux had taken over Microsoft. There were trials for few days and soon it followed with the training for all us iQuesters on Linux, Outlook has now taken over by Thunderbird, Excel to Spreadsheet. In a long run how better or at par it would be in comparison with Microsoft is still to be experienced. But yes, all welcomed it with open arms.

Author of the Post:  Ms. Shweta Rathod (Associate Manager, Non IT, Kondwa, Pune)