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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Transformation from Microsoft to Linux…

It was a regular fun filled Friday where one starts the day early, tries and winds up early evening so that one has an entire evening to socialize…Coming back to early winding up of work, sending reports, clicking send receive for the last time for the day hoping no more urgent mail pops up, also religiously addressing those mails so that there are no thoughts haunting over the weekends… by making sure everything has fallen in place I feel so excited to go to the bottom left extreme corner of the window which is a start button, but now to shut down my day's work. The happiness to bid everyone Bye & wishing everyone Happy Weekend is such Bliss, the exhausting week has finally come to an end a genuine smile reflects while waving off for the day. Little did I know what is in store…
I usually (if not traveling to Mumbai)catch up a new released film, have a quite dinner out with my husband , go back home, catch up some more interesting TV shows and crash on bed late night with a thought “Kal to Saturday hai, arram se uthenge”. The entire “Early to Bed Early to rise… phrase holds no meaning to me Friday night and coming two more days. These days really flies…
And I hereby get up the Monday morning thinking Gosh! A start of a long week ahead… and I start for office early. And to my dismay I reach to my work station just to find the message attached to the forehead of my Computer Screen “CAUTION: Before starting the comp, go and meet Sir along with Sanober"
(our Ops Head from the IT division). Thousand thoughts popped up Why, What did I do, How??? All my questions were left unanswered. And suddenly Swapnil (our System Admin in the Kondhwa Branch) clicks my mind, thinking he might solve the mystery. Quickly dial his extension & call him upstairs. And within few seconds I get the answer to all my uninvited Questions. It was a start of a new era within iQuest, Linux had taken over Microsoft. There were trials for few days and soon it followed with the training for all us iQuesters on Linux, Outlook has now taken over by Thunderbird, Excel to Spreadsheet. In a long run how better or at par it would be in comparison with Microsoft is still to be experienced. But yes, all welcomed it with open arms.

Author of the Post:  Ms. Shweta Rathod (Associate Manager, Non IT, Kondwa, Pune)


  1. Guess what will be a sequel to this article? "Shortcut keys for Linux / Ubuntu" :)

  2. Hi Shweta,

    It's truely unbelievable. The way you have put your imaginations into writing is really amazing. Thank you so much for putting a nice article. Keep it up.



  3. Thanks for this beautifully words, get to know many thing..

    Smiles ..

    Rahul Mulak