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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sapling a Thought!

Dear iQuester

I find happiness in your happiness, and feel joyous in your joy
I celebrate your success with great zeal and always pray that you fly high

I strengthened our relationship, I gave you flowers
With a wish that you, always be ours

But I now realize, that the wish would die
When my flowers wither and the nature would cry

I now decide, I won’t let the wishes die
Neither will the flowers wither, nor would the nature cry

On your birthday, I now resolute
I will plant a life and let this thought root

Promise me, that you will nurture it with great care
As it will always be with you, when you have things to share!!!

(This thought of gifting a sapling on birthdays originated when we realized that the bouquets that were given were perishable and will not stay with our employees for a longer period of time. We always, wanted our employees to remember us in a form that they can associate themselves with. And this is what we ended up with. What could have been a best gift than a small shrub on their birthday! We initiated it in our head office and will implement it across all the branches of iQuest! I am sure the smile on a birthday will double after receiving life as a gift!)

Author of the Post: Suraj Pathak (Executive - Human Resources, iQuest Consultants)


  1. Very exquisitely the thought has been expressed, has a great depth. Keep up the spirit Suraj :)

  2. Very nice poem!!
    i like the idea of giving a plant on Birth Days.!!Good Suraj..Keep up..:)