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Friday, May 27, 2011

Wake up, before its too late..... (Continued)

One of the immediate action is waste reduction. We have to cut the amount of rubbish to be burned. Do not waste resources. Go on recycling!!! Plastic bottles, cans, and used paper are recycled through a resource recycling center. Give away old clothes to someone or remake them. Do not throw away products only to buy brand new ones, one after another. Bring your own bags when shopping to reduce waste from plastic bags. Turn off unnecessary lights. Use public transportation, ride a bicycle or walk to avoid using your car or motorcycle. When you stop a vehicle for a certain time, turn off the engine to save the fuel. Grow trees and protect forests. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.
Protecting nature and resources leads to the prevention of global warming. Slight efforts by each of us will make a big difference. So, the next time you leave your desk, remember to at least switch off your monitor, as the monitor consumes the maximum electricity as compared to any of the other parts of a computer. Remember to switch off lights, fans, air conditioners whenever you are leaving the room or leaving the house. Remember not to print unnecessarily if you can make do with a soft copy on the computer and save paper. Saved paper means saved trees.
For anybody who is interested in knowing more about global warming, there is an excellent English documentary style movie called “An Inconvenient Truth”
 I am sure you will enjoy it...
 Author of the Blog: Ms. Jaishree Mahalingam (Associate Team Lead, Kondwa Branch, Pune)

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