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Monday, July 4, 2011

Donate Blood, Start Young........

“Blood is that fragile scarlet tree we carry within us”
-Osbert Sitwell
Quoted aptly by Osbert Sitwell, blood is indeed a scarlet tree of life which one and all can carry within us. Similarly iQuesters have been nurturing a dream which has grown from a sapling to a large flowering tree for over a decade. As a part of iQuest’s continuous endeavor to serve the society, a blood donation camp was organized on the occasion of iQuest Day. This event, a brainchild of the Director, Mrs. Usha Upadhyaya and the CEO, Mr. Devesh Upadyaya, was held in association with the Sassoon Hospital at the iQuest Premises in Kondhwa (Pune).  As often said ‘Desire to help needs to be backed up with proper guidance’, the event was conducted under proper hygienic conditions and using the appropriate safety precautions. At the outset, iQuest would like to thank Sasoon Hospital for extending their support and guidance.

The clarion call was answered with great enthusiasm, the volunteers totaling 55 in number lead by the CEO and the Director themselves. In all 27 iQuesters donated blood, while 22 were declared unfit for donation due to various reasons like less HB, under count or recent menses. This being a noble cause, many first time volunteers put aside their hesitations and apprehensions to lend their full support. “It has been a wonderful experience, especially for a person like me who has always been Noscomephobic (Fear of Hospitals).Frankly speaking, I feel proud to be a contributor.” says Rohit Fernandes, BD Head, Kondhwa.
               Those that were unable to participate in the blood donation were actively involved in the arrangements. The delicious snacks spread out for the volunteers ensured that there were more reasons for the glow on everybody’s face than just the good deed. Since it’s inception in June 2000, iQuest has been shouldering the social responsibility of nurturing careers at their nascent stages and serving as a beacon of hope for many working professionals. Similarly iQuest has served as a one-stop solution for fulfilling the Manpower needs for some of the most esteemed companies. On the whole it was an extremely gratifying day, which left a smile on everybody’s face.   
Author of the Post: Mr. Bipratip Chakraborthy (HR Intern - Kondwa Branch, Pune)

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